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Kate Spade Adrienne Wallet in Classic Noel Print

Posted by Karen on March 30, 2007


I know it’s not really makeup or beauty related but I just had to share my friend Christine’s new Kate Spade Adrienne wallet.

It’s super cute in person, and will fit all of your credit cards and perhaps even a lip liner or two!


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I Want These MAC Brushes!

Posted by Karen on March 13, 2007

mac brush lust

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MAC brushes. I can’t get enough of them, and I always find a reason to justify getting just one more brush. And just ’cause I can, here’s the list of all of the MAC brushes I’m jonesing for!

So … what’s on your brush lust list?

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MAC Tips and Tricks – Brushes

Posted by Karen on March 1, 2007

I’m getting so much mileage from the Barbie Loves MAC Seminar I went to a few weeks ago. I finally rifled through the technique folder they gave us and found some cool “tips and tricks” pages. Here are the best tips from the page for brushes:

    Tips and Tricks – BrushesWhen choosing brushes consider the following:
    Firmer fibers tend to deliver a faster application than softer fibers.
    Softer fibers tend to offer greater control of color application.

    Try applying skincare with brushes for a luxurious experience.
    The 190 brush works well for applying masks and moisturizers.
    The 194 brush words well with eye cream.
    The 180 brush works well to lather shave cream on the face or body.

    When dipping brushes into pressed powder products, like eye shadows, do not “mash” the brush into the pan. This causes breakage of the fibers. It’s better for the brush and more effective to either swipe from side to side or run the brush around in a circle to gather powder.

    Try using two brushes for some of those tricky applications, like smoky eyes. Use one brush to pick up and apply the color and the other brush to blend.

    When applying makeup, try holding the brush further away from the hair bundle, almost like holding chopsticks. This allows for greater control in application. Not to mention, with the hands out of the way, greater visibility!

    Brushes for personal use should be cleaned about once a week. For emollient-based product on the brush use cleanse off oil to emulsify and then brush cleanser to clean and condition.

    If after makeup application you find it necessary to throw your brushes in the bag before cleaning, be sure to store the brushes used for liquid or cream products separately from the ones used for powder products to avoid the cream dirtying other brushes. If using the same bag for both, try wrapping the brushes for cream products in plastic wrap or a tissue before tossing in the bag.

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MAC Face Brush Review – 182 Buffer Brush

Posted by Karen on February 27, 2007


Product: MAC 182 Buffer Brush
Use: For application of loose powder, pressed powder and pigment
Price: $45.00
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B+

I know, I know – $45 for one stinkin’ brush? For $45 dollars at the MAC counter you can get 3 eye shadows, or 3 Lipglasses or even 15 pencil sharpeners! If you wear powder every day, then consider investing in this brush. Save your pennies, wait until you get a gift card, or even ask a friend who is a MAC artist buy one for you and then pay her/him back, because this brush will become a staple in your collection.

I was lucky enough to get the 182 Buffer Brush as a Christmas gift from my beautiful and talented sister-in-law, who is a MAC makeup artist. The brush has a short, fat handle and a full dome made out of goat hair bristles.

And who knew that goat hair could feel so soft? The 182 bristles feel silky and dense, and when you apply product the brush feels like velvet on your skin. You can use this brush to apply loose powder, pressed powder and pigments, and I’ve found it to be pretty much a fool-proof brush. Even if I mistakenly overload it with powder, as long as I dilute the powder (by either tapping the brush or blowing off the excess) the 182 gives smooth, even application.

I use the 182 Buffer Brush with MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder in NC 30, MAC Couture Sheer Mystery Pressed Powder in Dark and MAC Blot Pressed Powder in Medium Dark.

If I use Select Sheer Loose Powder, I open up the powder jar, tap some powder onto the lid, gently dip the 182 brush into the powder on the lid, and either tap brush handle on the side of the powder jar or blow on the brush to dilute excess powder.

If I use it with Couture Sheer Mystery Pressed Powder or Blot Pressed Powder, I gently swirl the 182 in the compact, and then tap the handle or blow off the excess powder.

I like powder to look light and sheer, so I use a light touch as I apply the powdered 182 brush to my face in a circular, buffing motion.

If it weren’t for the steep price I’d give this brush an A. Plus, if you keep your brushes in a brush roll, you may have to store the 182 in a separate cosmetic case when you travel because of the short handle.

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